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Show Emote

Twitch widget for !showemote


📚 Description

This twitch widget allows to show an emote in your obs scene when a user types "!showemote (emote)" in the chat.

📋 Features

  • 7TV Emotes.
  • BetterTTV Emotes.
  • FrankerFaceZ Emotes.
  • Twitch Emotes.
  • Global emotes.
  • Other channels emotes.
  • More effects.

⚙️ Installation

Go to the following link and generate your Widget

  1. Go to the following link and generate your Widget
  2. Create a new "Navigator" type element in your OBS scenes.
  3. The browser must be sized to cover your entire screen. It is recommended that you place it in the resolution of this. (For example 1920x1080, 1366x768, depending on your monitor)
  4. Paste the link obtained from the first step into the browser component of the OBS.
  5. To test it, write in the chat !showemote followed by any emote on your channel.

❤️ Donations

Donations by PayPal, Patreon or Ko-fi are appreciated. It would help me a lot to do more projects.
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